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Delta’s cyber insurance policy covers you for a wide range of risks and our team of experts will assist you with triage, crisis and reputation management, system and data analysis and restoration, and third party claims.

The following services are immediately available to you after a cyber attack with our Cyber Liability policy:

Business Interruption

If your IT systems are attacked, your staff may be unable to work and your customers unable to transact with you. We cover your loss of profit resulting from this.

Third Party Liability

From hacked personal information to accidentally emailing confidential information, your cyber policy covers claims by your customers and others for breaches of their privacy and the release of confidential information. It also covers social media risks, such as defamation.

Hacker Theft Cover

This provides cover where funds are stolen as a result of your network being hacked.

Public Relations Expenses

Cyber breaches hit the press every day, and urgent action may be needed to manage your reputation if it happens to you. We have specialist PR companies on hand to work with you through the crisis.

Data Forensic Services

An in-depth analysis of what has occurred, seeking ‘root-cause’ using investigative and forensic techniques. If required, staff can use ‘chain of custody’ processes to ensure the admissibility of evidence in a court of law.

Network Extortion

This covers a range of scenarios from a cryptolocker infection which encrypts all your files and demands a fee for release, to becoming a victim of a targeted Denial of Service attack. We can appoint specialists to shield your systems and prevent any further attack, and then work with you to restore your systems and deal with any extortion demands.

Notification Services and Credit Monitoring

Many large scale cyber attacks involve the theft of personal customer data for sale to fraudsters. We can arrange, where appropriate, for your customers to be notified and for their credit history to be monitored to prevent damage to them from identity theft.

Triage and Breach Consultation Services

When you notify a claim, we will appoint an IT specialist or a law firm, depending on the nature of the breach, to make contact with you to understand what is occurring and what services are needed for you to recover from the crisis. They can then manage the appointment of any additional specialists to assist.

Incident Response

The deployment of professional Incident Responders to an insured site to help coordinate and deal with the cyber security event. The focus is to contain the incident and resume business.

Mandatory breach reporting

Your policy provides cover for the reporting required in some areas (such as government and privacy) and preparing statements for media where relevant.


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